Save Time, Money and Labor with Settlement Reconciliation Service
Welcome to! Our Settlement Reconciliation Service (SRS) tool is the latest enhancement to Merchant Connect, providing you with easy-to-understand breakdown of your credit, debit and gift card activity settled by Elavon.
This site will allow you to access information related to Settlement Reconciliation including:
No Image Tax ID Number (TIN) Validation: Check to ensure Elavon has your correct TIN and Legal Business Name on file to avoid IRS-mandated backup withholding. If your information does not match, you will be directed to securely submit a Form W-9 Online.
No Image Processing Volume: Easy access to processing amounts are updated monthly to provide reports on your settlement activity, chargebacks, and other expenses related to your card payment processing.
No Image Simple and Clear Reporting: Reports are easy to understand and roll up monthly, quarterly, and annually for up to 4 years.
No Image Electronic 1099-K: Sign up to receive your Form 1099-K electronically to avoid postal delays.
You'll be able to obtain not only the gross volumes settled by us and reported to the IRS, but also see details on chargebacks and other costs and credits that can be applied to determine net electronic card information settled through us. This is especially helpful when reconciling TIN vs. MID-level information.
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